At last, you can put lamb on your menu with confidence.

As part of Alliance Group, New Zealand's largest lamb farming co-operative, we can give you access to an almost unlimited supply of exceptionally high quality lamb. What’s more we can guarantee a fixed price throughout your menu cycle and bring you flavours and textures you never thought possible.

All backed up with the traceability and provenance you would expect from a quality meat supplier. So now’s the time to be bold, to be imaginative, to be adventurous.


We know that one of the biggest challenges with putting lamb dishes on your menu is being able to plan and manage the cost and GP over the medium to long term. We also know it’s a customer favourite.

We guarantee a fixed price on your lamb for the length of your menu cycle helping you to predict a margin and to give your customers a dish that is always available.

Get in contact and fix a price today.

A constant supply of lamb available all year so you can start to innovate and experiment. Ditch the roast and play to the seasons. Warming spiced eastern dishes in the depths of winter and light aromatic salads when the evenings lengthen. Add to this our special breeds with their rare flavours and textures and you can create something really special all year long.

Our team of development chefs, all active in industry, can help you design the perfect seasonal dish.