We’re a co-operative. The people who own us are the people who rear our meat. So we know right down to the farm’s finisher where every cut comes from. This level of traceability continues into processing and shipping with all cuts clearly labelled, ticketed and registered on our internal inventory systems.

    We are British Retail Consortium accredited, EU compliant and the traceability of each batch of lamb is registered in the EU along with an Animal Status Declaration before it sets sail.

  • SAFE

    We rear wholesome, cared for meat that’s nutritious, tasty and good to eat and is free from genetic modification. Keeping our meat safe is something we’ve built our business around and our standards far exceed industry minimum.

    Food safety is assured from farm to plate with our Farm Assurance Program that incudes ISO 9001 certification, full HACCP compliance, on site laboratory testing and a team that assures the quality and safety of our operations and meat from nose to tail.


    Looking after our flocks in a humane and respectful way is simply common sense. It almost goes without saying that the internationally recognised ‘Five Freedoms’ of animal welfare practices are at the heart of our Farm Assurance Program.

    We adopt and champion New Zealand’s own recognised Animal Welfare Act and Codes of Welfare and all of our lamb is free range, spending most of their lives roaming in the foothills and pastures of some of the most lush and inviting habitats in the world.


Whatever commitments you’ve made, you can rest easy that we can help you keep them. We work on lots of different fronts to keep our business sustainable and to minimise our impact on the environment.

Our sites have either attained or are working towards recognised programmes such as New Zealand’s Packaging Accord 2004, the Resource Management Act 1991 and the UK’s Enviro-mark and ISO 14001 certification. Add to this our own internal initiatives that have seen a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from energy use by 26% since 2000 and we hope you can see we’re a business that keeps its promises.