It’s a bit of a radical idea nowadays, to give profits back to the people who make it. But that’s what we do, and it works.

We’ve been a farmers’ co-operative for nearly 40 years. Now we are one of the largest lamb producers in the world, owned by approximately 5,000 shareholder suppliers. Our profits go straight back to them and they are at the heart of everything we do. We understand what’s important to our people throughout the supply chain and we nurture and fund continuous innovation and improvement.

In our business no one loses out. Not least our customers who get to enjoy lamb that’s been bred with a pride in quality and a passion for innovation that doesn’t come from a corporate mission statement but wells up from a passion that starts right at the farm.

We are part of Alliance Group, New Zealand’s largest meat producing co-operative. We not only give you access to a consistent supply of high quality meat but also deliver a product that’s backed with globally recognised animal welfare schemes, full traceability and European food safety standards.

We work extensively with foodservice and retailers across the UK and have a sophisticated understanding of specialist catering cuts, customer needs and the importance of compelling provenance stories.

Our advanced internal logistics mean we can guarantee deliveries and maintain pricing over a menu cycle and our development team can help you create bespoke dishes and advise on alternative cuts that will drive your lamb sales, increase your profit and delight your customers.

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