From farm to fork, animal welfare and traceability is at the heart of our business


    As a farming co-operative, our traceability starts back on the farm with our Farm Assurance Programme. Our state of the art shipping and monitoring systems means we can trace our produce through the entire chain from farm to fork.

    We are British Retail Consortium accredited and EU compliant. The traceability of our produce is registered in the European Union, along with an Animal Status Declaration before it is delivered to you.


    Farming is our life, so it make sense that we care about our animals and hold them in the highest respect.

    It starts with our farmers who work to the Animal Welfare Advisory Committee standards. Caring for the livestock and allowing them to freely spend their lives roaming New Zealand’s lush pastures.

    At every point our animals are treated humanely and respectfully. As part of our Farm Assurance Program – which is JAS-ANZ/ISO65 accredited – we uphold the ‘Five Freedoms’, an internationally recognised animal welfare practice.

    Our Farm Assurance Programme is our promise that the highest welfare standards are met when it comes to the animals themselves, food safety, the health, stock management and transport of our livestock.