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    Antipocurean Series

    The first edition of the Antipocurean Series took place in the South island of NZ from the 9th till the 15th of April.
    We invited UK chefs, Simon Hulstone (The Elephant restaurant); Renee Miller (Mere restaurant) and Michael Wignall (Chef consultant) to discover our premium lamb, Te Mana Lamb & Silere Alpine Merino as well as our Handpicked 55 days aged beef.

    The aim was to bring an awareness of the unique cuisine of New Zealand. The Antipocurean Tour saw guest chefs from the UK experiencing first-hand the passion of our farmers, the provenance and terroir of our country and the unique flavours and textures this create in our products.

  • Pure South lamb at Hotelympia
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    Pure South lamb at Hotelympia

    We proudly supplied Pure South lamb to the Craft Guild of Chefs Culinary team that was participating to the UK major foodservice exhibition.

    Chef Chris Basten and his team cooked the following dish: NZ lamb, roasted saddle, slow cooked neck, Pearl barley and mushroom risotto, Wild garlic and lamb fat emulsion, Sand carrot puree

  • Te Mana – Frenched rack (Cap on)
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    Te Mana – Frenched rack (Cap on)

    Te Mana lamb has a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 and finely marbled on a micro-scale.

    The unique combination of new breed, rearing location and conditions, farming practices and finishing grazing on chicory herb pastures for 30 days, has led to naturally high levels of healthy Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fats.

    It is a new taste experience with its delicate, clean and tender texture. Te Mana lamb is free range and grass fed.

  • Simply the best: Simon Hulstone’s crispy New Zealand lamb
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    Simply the best: Simon Hulstone’s crispy New Zealand lamb

    When Simon Hulstone popped up at John Lewis’ Rooftop Garden on London’s Oxford Street, it didn’t take long for critics and customers to start raving about it.

    Simon chose Pure South Lamb for his Crispy New Zealand Lamb dish with capers, stem broccoli, lovage, curd and roast garlic pepper.

    Simon said: “we used a single muscle leg cut, which we braised down, and then spiced up with some cumin, coriander, ginger, and some of the cooking liquid. When cooked, you get satisfying crispy crunch on the outside, with tender, flavoursome lamb in the middle”.


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    Manuka honey and rosemary crusted shoulder rack of New Zealand lamb, saffron and nigella seed potatoes, purple broccoli and rosemary jus - by Ian Boden, Development Chef

    Saddle of Lamb
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