We’re a New Zealand Farming Co-operative

We’ve been producing high quality lamb, beef and venison for more than 70 years and are proud to be trusted by chefs and retailers in 65 countries worldwide.

Farming is in our blood. It all started with a small group of passionate farmers in 1948. Today Alliance Group (NZ) is one of the world’s largest lamb, venison and beef producers and owned by more than 4,000 family-farms.

As a co-operative, we put our people at the heart of the business. Our profits go back to our farmers or are re-invested back into the business, so our customers can continue to enjoy the highest quality free-range lamb, beef and venison all year round.

It’s about delivering our customers the best quality products, direct from our farmers so they can create incredible eating and dining experiences.


Our passionate UK based team has expertise across foodservice, wholesale and the retail sectors and can support you with your lamb, venison and beef product development & supply.

We process millions of lambs, sheep, and deer every year, so we won’t run out of product and offer a continuous supply, no matter the scale of your operation.


Whatever your menu needs, we can work with you to create the perfect cuts tailored to your specifications and delivered direct to your door.

If you are looking for something unique, we offer bespoke cuts of the finest New Zealand lamb and venison, including the exquisitely marbled Lumina Lamb and flavoursome, Silere.

If you know you want some of the highest quality lamb and venison around, but not sure which cuts, we can help!

Our experienced chefs offer support and advice on products and menu development, as well as pricing to help your business improve its margins.

However you decide to work with us, our promise to you is New Zealand’s finest quality, grass-fed, free-range lamb, beef and venison. Available all year, at a fixed price for the duration of your menu.