Farming is a natural use for New Zealand’s land. The ample rain, fertile soil, open pastures and year-round temperate climate provides the perfect conditions to produce the highest quality free-range lamb and venison – all year round.



New Zealand offers the perfect environment to rear livestock. Its vast and diverse landscape is filled with lush meadows and mountain pastures, allowing the lamb to roam freely.

Fully-traceable, our passionate farmers don’t use growth-promoting hormones. The lambs’ strict grass-fed diet results in a meat that is sweetly-aged and naturally low in fat with fewer calories.

Available all year round, our lamb is aged for guaranteed tenderness, and can be provided chilled or frozen.

Whatever your needs, we can supply the right product for your business.

We offer a wide range of products, including bespoke cuts developed to your exact specifications and requirements. Pre-prepared burgers, lamb strips and diced lamb, as well as our 10 hour slow-cooked (sous vide) range – tender, full of flavour and a fantastic base to any recipe.


    Te Mana Lamb is the combination of the finest breed, New Zealand’s unique and diverse landscape, state-of-the-art farming practices and our secret feed – chicory!

    The result of a ten year farming programme, the free-range lamb is raised at high altitude on the pastoral land of the South Island in Spring, and then grazes on chicory pastures in the summer. It’s during those last thirty days living on the chicory pastures, where the higher levels of Omega-3 and polyunsaturated fats are produced. Resulting in a milder tasting, premium quality lamb, that’s versatile to cook with.

    21 day aged, Te Mana Lamb is finely marbled, and holds it shape and texture so it always looks good on the plate.

    Every lamb has its own identification code and fully traceable from farm-to-fork.

    Available frozen and chilled.


    This beautiful Merino lamb is raised on the grasslands of the Alpine region, on the South Island, New Zealand. It matures slower than other breeds, allowing time for its rich, sophisticated flavour to develop.

    The open spaces, golden tussock covered slopes and pure air of the Merino’s alpine home, produces a rare delicacy that is the definition of superior taste.

    Silere is beautiful on the plate with a dusky red, fine grain. With subtle alpine notes and a clean finish, this 21 day aged lamb will bring something special to your menu.

    Available frozen and chilled.



Our New Zealand farmed venison has a more subtle, less ‘gamey’ flavour compared to Wild Venison. Making it a versatile meat that lends itself to more flavours and ingredients.

Very lean – especially compared to beef – it provides a high quality protein with hardly any fat. Making it a great choice for customers who love their meat, but want to opt for a healthier dish.

We use Red Deer and Wapiti for our high quality venison and have a range of cuts available, as well as finished products.



Our New Zealand grown beef is Quality Mark approved. This means it meets the highest standards in quality, food safety and animal welfare.

Grass-fed and 100% free range, Pure South Beef is lean, tender and available in a range of cuts.


    The secret to tender and succulent beef is beautiful marbling and ageing. Our exclusive, Handpicked Beef is a celebration of both, offering the highest quality meat and flavour.

    Our expert butchers hand select the finest marbled beef, then age it for no less than 55 days. The result is flavour, tenderness and succulence that can’t be matched.