Farming in New Zealand is naturally better. Our low–impact free–range and grass–fed methods harness New Zealand’s fertile open pastures and temperate climate. Our animals live naturally, roaming outside year-round in harmony with the seasons. New Zealand has the perfect conditions to produce the highest quality lamb, beef and venison – all year round. It’s also free from hormonal growth promotants and GMO.



    Lumina Lamb™ is the culmination of a 15–year journey of exploration. The defining achievement of a group of like–minded experts all united by one wildly ambitious goal–to breed the world’s most succulent lamb. One that would offer unrivalled tenderness and texture. A game–changing experience for chefs and diners alike.

    The very pinnacle of taste.

    We think you’ll agree, this collective of farmers, shepherds, agronomists, geneticists, butchers and chefs have surpassed their objective.

    Born and raised in the New Zealand hill and high country, Lumina lamb is 100% natural, free range and grass–fed. The meat itself is finely marbled and enriched with high levels of naturally occurring Omega–3 polyunsaturated fats. As well as a host of excellent health attributes, Lumina Lamb offers a delicate taste and unrivalled consistency for breath–taking and innovative dish creation.

    The Lumina story is one that is still being written. The team behind this striking gastronomic achievement refuse to rest on their laurels. They’re always looking to challenge themselves and find new and exciting ways to delight their customers in the pursuit of delicious perfection.


    This beautiful Merino lamb is raised on the grasslands of the Alpine region on New Zealand’s South Island.

    It matures slower than other breeds, allowing time for a distinctive, fragrant flavour to develop, which is also influenced by foraging on the alpine grasses and herbs such as golden tussock and wild mountain thyme.

    Silere is beautifully lean in character and beautiful on the plate with a dusky red, fine grain and appealing density. With subtle alpine notes and a clean finish, this truly free range 21–day aged lamb will bring something special to your menu.



Pure South Lamb is raised in the lush meadows and mountain pastures of New Zealand, bringing the subtle flavours of the seasons to your table year–round.

Naturally lean and nutritious, lower in saturated fats and higher in the healthy polyunsaturated fats, Pure South Lamb is delicately flavoured and clean on the palate, with a fresh aroma hinting at the sweetness of grass.

Available all year round, our lamb is aged for guaranteed tenderness and can be provided chilled or frozen. Fully traceable, free of hormones and GMO.

Whatever your needs, we can supply the right product for your business.

We offer a wide range of products, including bespoke cuts developed to your exact specifications and requirements. Pre-prepared burgers, lamb strips and diced lamb, as well as our 10 hour slow–cooked (sous vide) range – tender, full of flavour and a fantastic base to any recipe.



From pasture–raised New Zealand deer, Pure South Venison is delicate with gentle sweet flavours and a lean but rich succulence. A versatile meat that lends itself to more flavours and ingredients.

Extremely low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and calories, it is one of the healthiest and most nutritious high–quality proteins. A great choice for customers who love their meat and want a healthy dish.

We use Red Deer and Wapiti for our high quality venison and have a range of cuts available, as well as finished products.



Our New Zealand grown beef is Quality Mark approved. This means it meets the highest standards in quality, food safety and animal welfare.

Grass–fed and 100% free range, Pure South Beef is lean, tender and available in a range of cuts.



    A new culture of craft meat. Driven by passion, dedication, and the search for an all–embracing quality. Handpicked represents a new culture of craft meat, from farm to table.


    We hand pick a selection of dedicated farmers who put the utmost care into raising Pure South Handpicked Beef, Lamb and Venison. Their rigorous standard of environmental care, combined with low stress farming methods, produce exceptional quality red meat. All Handpicked Beef and Lamb is free farmed and grass fed–never feedlot, grain or corn fed.


    Our master graders grade the meat against key factors such as marbling, colour and pH level, to select only the best of the best. With this system we deliver consistently excellent tenderness, succulence and flavour profile.


    Our craft butchers will then age each cut for 10–55 days to develop and lock in the full flavour and tenderness. Through expert ageing and butchering, we enhancing the taste and ease of cooking for a perfect meal every time.